Perdu Trimless


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Introducing recessed spotlights, with wide, medium and narrow beams. Perdu offers maximum luminosity with a defined beam and no spill.

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Aluminium die-cast body and heat sink with trostatic 100% polyester plant finish. Stainless steel springs.

Colors are available in black and white.

Drivers On/ Off or DALI included. Driver fits through the cut-hole. Tunable White option with DT8 DALI driver

Lightcore is built based on micro surfaces with complex geometry coated with aluminium alloy,creating a high-gloss, entirely mirrored surface.Accurate reflector for a defined and controlled beam of light, achieving maximum efficiency.Developed in partnership with Bartenbach GmbH.

LED modules with excellent colour consistency (3 step-MacAdam) and long operating lifespan (>50,000 h; L80/B10).